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Written on March 15th, 2007 by Adam in Writers' Tools

Look Right

If you glance to the column on your right you will see a prompt. I am still improving the system so right now you will have to refresh the page to receive another.

Breaking News

Very soon indeed there will be a Writing Prompts book available. Entitled ‘Mr Maxwell’s Spectacular Story Suggester’, it will feature writing prompts, contributions and essays on using the prompts and a spectacular story suggestion system to cut through writers block.

How Does It Work?
How Do I Use It?

Whether you are a writer of short stories, flash fiction, novels or any other genre you can name sometimes you need a place to start. This is designed to be one of those starting points. The random writing prompt generator will give you, as you would expect, a randomly generated phrase. All you have to do is write a story from it.

Whether you use it as you title, theme or end up writing something completely different doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that the prompt gets you writing.

So I suppose you are wondering why I built this tool? Well, the reasons are twofold.

Firstly, all I did was provide the pipework connecting the digital cameras above a thousand, thousand typing monkeys and connected it to this screen. Those monkeys work hard and occasionally produce nuggets of art which I then record here for your viewing pleasure.

Secondly, there are a lot of tools on the interet that do a similar thing but all of those I have seen so far either look awful, don’t work, have rubbish writing prompts or have so few as to not really make it worthwhile using.

Well hopefully you like the look of this, it will work, the monkeys will provide writing prompts that are a bit more inspirational than the ‘write about what you did in your summer holidays’ of some sites. Add that to the fact there are currently over 100 prompts already in there with more being added all the time I hope it will provide a useful tool to help your writing.



I've been promising to make it better for a while and have finally gone and done it - you can now get the Writing Prompts Generator as an app for iPad & iPhone as well as Android tablets and smartphones!

With over 500 prompts as well as a clutch of other features it's wonderousness is unparalleled. If you're interested just click to find out more.

If not just close this window and use the one on the website... even though it only has just over a hundred prompts... your loss...

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