Pirates vs Ninjas: The Curse of the Octomonkey

January 15th, 2018

What would you do if the world was collapsing around you?

This wasn’t supposed to happen. All Nina, Ivy and Oswald wanted was a little adventure but instead the friends find themselves captured and taken to three different islands. With the merciless Captain Ranzo and his crew of not-so-bright pirates locked in a fight to the death with Mistress Chi and her horde of ninjas, the children face their most deadly adventure yet. When Nina finds out the world is vanishing bit by bit she knows she must act or they will all disappear forever.

Can they escape? And if they do, can they stop the pirates and ninjas from trying to kill each other long enough to save their own world? And what on earth is an Octomonkey?

You’ll have to join the three friends on their greatest adventure yet to find out.

A Lost Bookshop Adventure