Chills, Kills And Snowflakes

December 26th, 2010

Four tales of terror to send icy chills through your blood. These stories will scare you senseless.

When banker Alec takes shelter from a snow storm in a peculiar old shop, the shopkeeper is less than impressed by the lengths he has gone to secure to a last minute present.

He decides an education of sorts must be meted out and begins to tell Alec three stories to convince him the error of his ways.

A chef digests more than he bargained for in a dish served extremely cold.

A man is in for an unpleasant surprise when he tries to turn a curse to his own advantage.

And, when ghosts are awakened in a suburban house, a diary appears to show Alec the truth behind the spectres.

But with the cold snow storm closing in Alec is not as safe as he thinks in the back room of Venkman’s Emporium of Curiosities.