Pirates and Ninjas and Bears… oh my…

August 18th, 2017

Okay then I admit it there are no bears in the post, or in any of the upcoming books…

I’ve been busy with things that I think will keep all sections of my readers happy so, this might be a longish one.  Buckle up, loungers.

First up earlier in the year I finished writing the next in The Lost Bookshop series.  This one is called ‘Pirates versus Ninjas’ and it’s around 80,000 words.  Which is long for a kids book but it’s got pirates and ninjas and an octomonkey.  What’s not to like?  I’m around 75% of the way through editing that, expect a cover reveal and release dates to be cropping up very soon as that’s going to be the next one published.

For my long-suffering adult readers who have been indulging me writing kids books… I’ve been working on a sequel novella to ‘The Dali Deception‘.  It’s (currently) called ‘Kill It With Fire’ and after an extensive outlining process that went on far longer than it should have I started to write it two weeks ago.  Since then it’s flowing like a hosepipe.  Only with words rather than water otherwise it would just be too messy.

Currently the word count for that stands at 5,172 which I’m quite happy with since it’s only been two weeks.  Obviously it’ll be as long as it needs to be but at a guess I’d say it’s going to come in at under 30,000 in total.  Don’t want to reveal too much about the plot yet but I can say that Violet and Katie will definitely be featuring heavily and at least a couple of new faces too.  Good guys? Bad guys? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.